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Things to Do


Coastal Georgia is steeped in human and natural history. Since the first human inhabitants colonized the coast, man and the abundant natural resources found here have been inexorably linked. A visit to one or more sites along the Colonial Coast Birding Trail will provide you with the opportunity to see and enjoy the beauty of a kaleidoscope of birds and glimpse the fascinating history of this land and its residents.

Boat Tours and excursions

Captain Virginia Baisden offers boat explorations of Georgia's Barrier Islands, Marshes and Rivers. Clients who use her services include Nature Lovers, Birders, Hikers, Explorers, Artists, and Photographers.


The small city of Darien, near the mouth of the Altamaha River, is ideally situated for exploring the Georgia coast’s barrier islands and the network of river islands and creeks of the lower Altamaha.

Sapelo Island

Sapelo is a state-managed barrier island, the fourth largest in the chain of coastal Georgia islands between the Savannah and St. Marys rivers. Accessible only by passenger ferry, Sapelo provides a number of public access recreational and educational opportunities. A tour of Sapelo Island is a highlight for anyone visiting the Georgia coast and not to be missed.
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