Under New Ownership


The Blue Heron Inn was run as a bed & breakfast for over 15 years. However, the property was purchased by new owners in March 2021. We’re creating a unique synergy using sibling properties with exclusive access to Sapelo Island.

We’ve been busy. You’ll notice a few things.

Septic System

You might notice a large mound of dirt behind the house. We just upgraded our septic system and added capacity to better serve out guests and future needs. Most importantly, this system uses a raised, gravity-fed drain field (pictured below). Gravity-fed septic systems reduce the reliance on sump pumps, which fail all too often and become costly to upkeep. Additionally, they require power to operate. While the property has a propane-powered, back-up power generator that will last up to 5 days in the event of an outage, a gravity-fed septic system is one less drain. The grounds around our new septic system will be naturally landscaped before the mild Spring turns to the hot Summer.

Spring Cleaning

A BnB requires hosts to live on site. Like anywhere, “stuff” can accumulate over time. And in this climate, that stuff rusts in the rain and humidity and dry-rots in the blazing sun. So, we removed all of the “stuff” that distracted from the property’s natural beauty. The ground level experience and property are free of debris and distraction.

After we removed interior clutter, we hired a crew for a deep clean that took two full days. We hope you find the result bright, fresh and relaxing.


Outside, we’ll be upgrading our ceiling fans on all balconies and ground level to keep our guests cool. We’ll also be upgrading our grills for a better tasting cooking experience for your guests and families. Adding citronella candles and tiki torches to ground level will help keep the summer bugs away.

Inside, we’ll begin upgrading TVs and media devices. We’ll replace keypad locks with integrated smart locks. And, we hope to introduce more local art and crafts unique to the area in the decor.

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